Graz parking zones / Graz Parkzonen

How to park your car in Graz

Graz as most of bigger cities has strong no-car-parking-in-the-center-policy. It forces people to use public transport or bikes while going to the city center. Anyway if you  must park the car in Graz,  be aware about parking zones.  Otherwise you may receive very nice letter from one of the parking guards  ( and it won’t be love letter or invitation to dinner:( ) .

Official map of zones you can find on pages. E.g here is link to official map of zones: .  You should also read about parking rules

*Prices and times I am mentioning here, can change in the future, so it is always good to check them directly on pages or simply at the parking machine.

Road signs

When you are parking pay attention to this signs:

blue line

Blue or green lines on the street indicate parking places. But even if they are not visible you may still be in parking zone. You can tell it by passing by sign like this:

green zone

You can tell that green zone ended by seeing this sign:

geen zone end sign

But be aware! This can either mean that you’ve entered free zone OR you have entered blue zone.

Google map of parking zones

Besides I have created overview map on the google maps service: parking zones in google maps

Using this map you can put your destination and check if it is reaching any of the parking zones.

I’ve created this map by following paper map which I got from the town hall. I tried my best but It can happen that it is not so precise as I wish. It can also expire. So I am not taking any responsibility if someone will receive a fee after parking according to this map:)  You should always pay attention to road signs AND to lines painted on the street.

Other way around

As for me the best way to go through the city is on the bike. There are wisely organized bike paths, it helps also that the drivers are driving very carefull and formally.




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