GQuery Animations – how to use them

Animations are very popular and often used by web designers while creating web pages. I have covered the basics of GWT Animation in my old post. The topic seems  easy and worn-out, but I am still getting a lot of questions about using animations in GWT. That is why I  wrote some words about newest approach for animating DOM elements in modern web applications. Read more of this post


GWT balloon widget

What is Balloon widget

It is a simple widget which shows up with some information for the user. Its appearance is proceeded by some user action, like filling a form or choosing some option from the menu. It can e.g. look like this:

balloon example Read more of this post

GWT Animation – small review

Since GWT 1.5 developers can use simple animated objects. Animation is a useful tool to change properties of widget  components in continuous way. (which seems to be more friendly to end-user, when using for rational purposes).

Animation is very easy to use, you just have to extend Animation class and override onUpdate() method. Let’s see how it works in simple example

Update 1013.10.11: If you would like to see more modern way to add animations to your project, read my post about Animations with GQuery

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