GQuery Animations – how to use them

Animations are very popular and often used by web designers while creating web pages. I have covered the basics of GWT Animation in my old post. The topic seems  easy and worn-out, but I am still getting a lot of questions about using animations in GWT. That is why I  wrote some words about newest approach for animating DOM elements in modern web applications. Read more of this post


Marquee with GWT and GQuery

Some people who had read my blog, asked me about “marquee” widget in GWT.  I must admit I have never needed to use this element in any of my applications, but maybe someone would find it useful. Writing it with GQuery is so simple and fast that I have decided to share this little functionality. You may enhance this code as needed.

Technologies I have used in the project and I assume you know a little about them:

  • GWT 2.5.1
  • GQuery 1.3.3
  • Maven 3.x
  • Git i.8.x

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