figures to discofox dance ( Disco Hustle )

Where to find information about DiscoFox dance figures

Yesterday I have decieded to remember a little bit about disco-fox dance – especially about some nice looking figures. I have learned it long time ago, but since then I haven’t practised it much often. What I was looking for was description of :

– how to make a figure ( so step by step description)

– some video showing this figure

I’ve started to search in google for keys like “disco fox figures steps dance” etc. and I was suprised not to find much of useful information. There were many sites of dance schools but they mostly have small description about what is in the course but not how to make figures. I also have found some youtube movies – but people were dancing very fast and without description it was hard to follow ( besides it is good to know for the partner what moves he should have – how to show the girl how to follow him).  So I thought to myself: ok it will not be so easy – so let’s make more investigations. I have started with wiki , where I have read that this dance is quite popular in german-speaking countries. So I started to search for it in german sites and I’ve ended with splended success! I have found amazing site about dance : .  You can see there courses for many different dances  (salsa, swing, hip-hop, cha-cha, jive …) , among them disco-fox with a lot of figures.  For any new figure you have detailed video, where teacher describes very precisely how to make steps, how to put your hands etc.  To see all those videos you have to register but it is fast process without any tricks. But… there is one problem, videos are in .. GERMAN.. So if you don’t know this language you may be not so much satisfied. Honestly I think that even without knowlegde of german you can learn a lot just by seeing how the dancers move – all figures are described very detailed with a lot of slow motion so  it occurs to me that even without german knowledge you can follow those courses:)